DPR & FIRS Past Questions

Webdata_tutors blog is aimed at feeding under-graduates, graduates and professionals with up-to-date information on careers, education, scholarship and more. We have assembled a list of past questions that should assist those preparing for the upcoming FIRS and DPR examinations in Nigeria. Please you are advised to carefully go through the materials for optimum assimilation if you are really serious of becoming a successful candidate. Below are the links to download the past questions; just click on any link below to initiate download from our dropbox account.

For DPR PAST QUESTION, see link below;

DPR – Past Question 01

DPR – Past Question 02

DPR – Past Question 03


For FIRS PAST QUESTION, see link below;

  • Current Affairs

FIRS Material 001

  • Numeric and verbal reasoning skills

FIRS Material 002

FIRS Material 003

FIRS Material 004

  • Knowledge of the Nigerian Tax Laws

FIRS Material 005

FIRS Material 006

FIRS Material 007

FIRS Material 008

  • Knowledge of Nigeria’s Financial regulations

FIRS Material 009

  • Knowledge of Nigeria’s Public Service rules

FIRS Material 010